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Scuba Diving

Soft Coral Capital of the World

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25 Incredible dive sites along the Rainbow Reef including Great White Wall and Cabbage Patch are just within a few minutes of Sau Bay. There is something for divers of all experience levels. Our in-house dive boat, dive shop and resident Dive masters means we can ensure you depart for dives based on optimal tide conditions.

The Finest Scuba Diving

Home to an array of unique biodiversity found only in this region of the world. A vast expanse of soft white corals, rich tidal waters and a multitude of brilliant coral reef fish beaming with turtles, mantas, and even sea snakes, awaits!

The Somosomo strait is known to be in the top 10 Dive areas in the world.

In-House Dive shop

Here at Sau Bay our inhouse dive shop allows us to be the only resort that offers three tank dives for a two tank price. Our dive masters will keep you well equipped and safe with our top of the line atomic regulators and BCD’s so you can enjoy our over fifty dive locations. Dive gear is available for hire at $20/day.  Be it the Great White Wall located only ten minutes away from our resort at the world-famous rainbow reef or our very own front yard, Sau Bay will be ready to take you on the finest dives that the South Pacific has to offer.

World Famous

Minutes from us the world famous Rainbow Reef, in the Somosomo Strait . This barrier reef structure stretching over 3 miles (4.8km) is continually fed by micro-organisms washed in by the currents. The Somosomo Strait single-handedly earned Fiji its tile as the “Soft Coral Capital of the World”.

Discounts for multiple days

Rates: US$160-2/tank dive. There are days when we do a three tank dive. Discounts for multiple days. Free shore diving with a 5 day dive package